Miss the Bench at Your Gym? Use an Ottoman and Dumbbells For This Intense Arm Workout

If you miss doing bench presses at your gym, you can improvise with furniture you have at home. NASM-certified SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells shared this quick chest and triceps superset workout you can do using a pair of dumbbells and a stool, ottoman, or coffee table you have at home.

A superset workout is when two exercises are performed back-to-back without rest in between. Supersets are great because they save on time since you don't have to stop and let your muscles recover between each set. You can also work multiple muscle groups at the same time or double up on one muscle group and really target a particular part of the body, as in this upper-body workout. This workout involves two supersets; the first will target your chest muscles, and the second will fire up your triceps. Hello, sore tomorrow!

Chest and Triceps Home Workout From Kelsey Wells

Equipment needed: a pair of dumbbells and an ottoman, stool, or coffee table

Directions: If you don't do a workout before this upper-body workout, warm up with a few minutes of jumping jacks, brisk walking, or going up and down a flight of stairs 12-to-15 times. Kelsey said, "Perform each superset three times through, with one minute rest in between." Finish with a cooldown like these upper-body stretches.

Superset 1

  • Bench press: 12 reps
  • Alternating chest fly: 12 reps (six per side)

Superset 2

  • Triceps dip: 12 reps
  • Diamond push-up: 10 reps

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