Eat Clean Bro Gave Me My Weeknights Back — and My Mind and Body Are Better for It

Raise your hand if you agree that feeding yourself is one of the hardest parts of adulthood.

Who needs breakfast when you can press snooze again, right? Then back-to-back deadlines hit until I have to scramble to that post-work doctor's appointment or networking event. By the time I make it home, my pounding headache alerts me that I've had zero proper meals.

The fatigue is real, so I skip the gym because I can only conjure up enough energy to press play on my favorite Netflix show — and just maybe a second wind allows me to pull my weighted blanket off the floor.

My roommates find help in the form of meal-plan subscriptions, but the perfectly portioned kits of uncooked food still require time and effort — of which I have none to spare.

Leave it to my roommate's boyfriend, who refuses to even make eye contact with an oven, to recommend Eat Clean Bro, a food service that delivers ready-to-eat meals straight to your door.

It's basically meal-prep takeout you can feel good about, he explained about the company that promises its food is made from natural and fresh ingredients. Bonus: nothing is processed with preservatives.

Considering I live in New York City, where even celery costs an arm and leg, Eat Clean Bro's price points fit my budget, with each meal costing between $8 and $13.

The service offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks, each categorized by protein or diet-preference, which makes ordering a breeze, too.

I logged on and purchased four meals as a test run: low-carb chipotle chili, eggplant parm, teriyaki salmon with hibachi rice, and french onion chicken.

Despite my skepticism (quality was my main worry), the too-good-to-be-true shoe never dropped; I'm absolutely hooked.

Eat Clean Bro took so much stress out of my week — no more shopping or planning, fewer dishes to do, and now I'm fueled enough to get my workouts in on even the busiest nights.

Each meal smelled and tasted like a home-cooked dish, and the portions were perfectly filling.

The best part: it took zero effort. The meals were delivered to my door, I stored them in the refrigerator, and then popped each in the microwave before enjoying.

No more 9-to-5 headaches for me, no matter how stressful life gets. In just one week, my energy was up, and general happiness improved.

Now, finding the strength to hit the gym is no big deal — nevermind picking up that weighted blanket.

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