This Dance Cardio Workout Will Leave You Sore All Over — It Only Takes 4 Minutes to Do

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Can't get enough of The Fitness Marshall? Neither can we. He just released a new dance cardio workout to Katy Perry's "Never Really Over," and this is definitely going to be our go-to routine when we don't want to hit the gym.

The choreography starts off slow to wake your muscles up, but don't expect that to last for long. The pace will pick up, which means your heart rate is really going to be elevated as you work your legs, arms, and abs.

If you find traditional cardio like running boring, you're going to love this routine because you're not stuck in one spot. You're going to feel all of your major muscles working (and probably a few you didn't know existed) in just four minutes!

"This one requires a bit of theatrics and a little lip-syncing for your life, which makes the workout go by even faster," TFM told POPSUGAR. If you're ready for intensity and fun, check out the full video above.