Flavored Cauliflower Pizza Crusts Are Here to Turn Your Dinner Into a Spicy Jalapeño Feast

Cauliflower pizza has absolutely changed the dinner game. It's a healthy way to satisfy all of our raging carbohydrate cravings without sacrificing any of the deliciousness. But like we often say, there is always room for more of that deliciousness, and Cali'flour Foods agrees with us. The cauliflower pizza crust company has infused flavors into the already adored crust. Sure, there are tons of ways to customize homemade healthy pizzas to perfection, but flavors like spicy jalapeño, sweet red pepper, plant based, and original Italian allow the flavor to seep right through the crust.

All the crusts are gluten-free and made without soy or corn. For the dairy-free squad, the 100 percent plant-based pizza crust is ideal. But wait for this: not only are the crusts damn tasty and crisped to perfection, but they're available on Amazon in quantities of one box (two 9" crusts) for $24, three boxes (six 9" crusts) for $48, and five boxes (10 9" crusts) for $65. Each crust is 180 calories and has six net carbs.

Read on to see how loyal Cali'flour Foods fans have spiced up their flavored crusts, and prepare to be inspired to whip up some magic in the kitchen tonight.