How This Flight Attendant Stays Healthy at 33,000 Feet in the Air

Eating healthy while traveling can be difficult. Airports don't always have the best options when it comes to food choices, and the snacks they give in the airplane are no better. Since flying through different time zones already messes with your sleeping schedule, it's more than likely to also mess up your eating schedule. You might be eating more than you typically would, so it's important to make the right choices. Feeling sluggish while traveling is the last thing your body needs.

To find out how to slay the health game 33,000 feet in the air, we spoke to Rosie Tran, also known as kaleintheclouds on Instagram. Who better than a flight attendant to give us seven tips for treating our bodies while on the go? Up, up, and away!

Bring Your Own Snacks

Rosie confessed that, unfortunately, "Airports don't come equipped with Whole Foods!" If only, we wish. The next time you're packing for a trip, plan for expected and unexpected hunger. Nobody wants to deal with your hanger on a long flight. Some of her favorite snacks to pack are nuts, nut butters, protein bars, gluten-free crackers and hummus, and chocolate. Because who can say no to chocolate?

Show Your Gut Some Love

This year is really the year of the gut, and if you're not sick of hearing it yet, you're going to want to listen. Gut health is so important. Treating it with care is most important while traveling because the altitude, dry air, and change in time zones can really shake thinks up. Rosie always has ginger and turmeric tea on hand, along with collagen peptides. If you struggle with bloating, she also recommends taking probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Meal Prep

Rosie is the queen of meal prepping and making it look so effortless. She uses both mason jars and glass containers to store the food so she can reuse them. Helping the environment and getting to enjoy a home-cooked meal: sounds like a win. Of course, while traveling, you want to enjoy the food in a new city. But sometimes you also just want a piece of home away from home.

Stay Hydrated

The airplane is the hydration station. That's all you need to remember, if anything. Your body will thank you for it, trust us. Here's Rosie's recommendation: "Bring a reusable water bottle with you and have it refilled any chance you get!" The humidity in a plane is a lot different than what your skin is used to, so be sure to drink up.

Stay as Routine as You Can

Even while on the go, Rosie hits up workout classes and some of her favorite grocery stores to make it feel like she's sticking to her typical schedule. And routine can mean anything, as she explained. If you take vitamins, throw them into your carry-on. "Flow in your Airbnb or hotel room," she said. Do what you know you've got to do so that when you get home, you don't feel like you need a reset.

Eat Your Greens

Greens! Greens! Greens! Don't forget to eat your veggies. Your body needs them. It craves them. It thrives off them. Give it what it wants. And if you can't, drink them or take a tablet. We're not all perfect people, though, so if you spent your day eating greasy food, try to incorporate something green at the end of your night to set up your body for success.

Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

Ain't nobody got time to stress and have regrets. Rosie told us, "Studies have shown that stressing over the fact that you ate the doughnut does more damage to the human body than eating the doughnut." Enjoy the moment that you're in, enjoy the blessings, enjoy the good food, enjoy your own companionship with your mind and soul. "Relax, live a little, and don't sweat the small stuff."