The 1 Thing That Can Seriously Impact Your Performance If You're a Runner

If you're an avid runner, you probably know how crucial it is to warm up before you hit the pavement or the treadmill. Warming up loosens your muscles and joints to prevent injury. But equally important? Cooling down afterward. A proper wind-down will help you target key muscle groups so that you can recover successfully.

In the video above, we show you how to properly use a foam roller post-workout. If you've ever experienced tight hips, shin splints, or even tender IT bands, you might seriously benefit from foam rolling. It helps increase blood flow and mobility so that you can get more out of your muscles the next time you work out. Keep watching for 30- to 60-second routines to do the next time you go running.

We've partnered with adidas Running to show you why the cooldown is just as important as the workout itself.