8 Easy-to-Follow Booty Band Workouts From YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt

Adding a booty band — also known as a hip circle, mini band, or resistance band — to your fitness routine is a great way to sculpt your butt and make bodyweight moves harder. They're cost-efficient, come in different sizes (aka, resistances), and are perfect for workout at home or at the gym. I, for one, love using them. As NASM-certified trainer Alexia Clark said in a previous POPSUGAR interview, "I tell people that some of the hardest sets or burnouts and workouts I've done have been using bands." (And, as she demonstrates in that same article, you can use booty bands for your arms, too!)

If you're looking for the best ways to use your booty band during a workout, YouTube is a grade-A resource. Ahead, we've compiled six videos from certified trainers that you can do right in your living room if you want to. Full of kickbacks, squats, and even deadlifts, these will target your hamstrings, quads, and, most importantly, glutes. The videos range in length, though none are longer than 20 minutes. Grab that band and get to work!

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15-Minute Booty Band Workout For Strong Glutes From Heather Robertson

Here, Robertson walks you through banded exercises like squats, variations of glute bridges, and fire hydrants. She repeats her sequence a total of two times, and you only get minimal rest in between moves, so make it count!

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10-Minute Booty Band Workout From Class FitSugar

This Class FitSugar session is taught by Love Sweat Fitness creator Katie Dunlop. She will have you working on glute bridges and clamshells galore. The last two minutes are intense, with variations of leg extensions on the floor.

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20-Minute Banded HIIT Workout From SugarySixPack

Split jumps, plank jacks, side shuffles, and more make up this HIIT workout from the trainer behind SugarySixPack. You'll work your booty, but you'll get a great cardio session in, too.

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10-Minute Butt Burnout From Sydney Cummings

In just 10 minutes, you'll do glute kickbacks, side leg lifts, side taps, hip thrusts (what Cummings refers to as glute bridges), and other booty burnout moves. She suggests tacking this on to your leg day. "If your glutes are not on fire right now, you might be Super Woman or Super Man," she says at the end.

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10-Minute Booty Band Workout From Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop posted this booty band workout on her YouTube channel in 2018, and it has over 70 thousand views. What it entails? Exercises such as squat walks, deadlifts (yes, you can do them with booty bands!), and kickbacks.

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13-Minute Banded Butt Lift From SugarySixPack

If you wanted more SugarySixPack, we've got it! Banded lateral walks, seated tap outs, lying side kicks, etc. will get your glutes burning (and it's a good burn!).

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13-Minute Mini Band Workout From Heather Robertson

This session could be used to activate your glutes before a longer workout, or you can do it on its own, Robertson says. You'll be completing three circuits that feature moves like wide side step, squats, side clams, and bridge knee pulses (where you keep tension on the band as you pull it apart).

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30-Minute Butt and Thighs Banded Workout From Sydney Cummings

In 30 minutes, Cummings will have you move through exercises such as lying leg lifts, kneeling kickbacks, and squat side steps. You'll be doing a ladder-style workout where, in two-minute increments, you'll start with four reps for each move, then increase by two.