Get Rock-Solid Abs With These Anytime Workouts

Rock out with your abs out! We partnered with Spotify on this post that shows you how to bust a move to a strong core.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is — a flat belly is sexy. Not motivated to do some crunches? We have fun workouts that will get your midsection burning, resulting in a sleek core and some pretty good-about-your body feelings. From 10-minute workouts to a hip-shaking playlist that will shimmy you skinny, we have everything you need for a tight waist.

Anytime Ab Workouts

  • 2-minute stunner: You only need a couple of minutes to get your ab on — really. Fit these easy core moves into your morning, noon, and evening routine for a flat tummy in no time.
  • Get visual: Not feeling motivated? Download this helpful plank circuit workout poster to remind you how to trim your midsection.
  • 5-minute burn: Beat your muffin top with a core workout that only takes 5 minutes, making it the perfect way to start your day.

10-Minute Workouts

  • Supercore: This quick core workout will get your abs burning — with big results. And you'll love how it gets you moving.

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  • Get planking: We all know getting your plank on is a sure-fire way to work your core, so kick it up with this round-the-world plank video that is a fun way to mix up your workout.
  • Bikini ready year round: It doesn't matter if it's snowing out, you always want to be bikini ready, which makes this 10-minute core workout a must do.
  • Yoga it out: Move your body through a series of yoga moves that will definitely twist your waist into shape. Only 10 minutes to a new you.

Crank Your Core

  • All-over abs: This core workout will change your core forever. Follow the easy directions and work yourself up to 20 minutes of ab power moves.
  • Full circuit: Check out this flat-belly workout you can do anywhere — no equipment needed.
  • Kicked-up core: Push yourself with these hardcore oblique exercises that will move your body and challenge your ab muscles.

Dance It Off

Get your dance on with our playlist that's filled with songs that will get you moving and dreaming of flat abs. Bonus: rockin' it for one hour burns at least 350 calories! Subscribe to the Spotify playlist and check out the full list of songs below.

  1. ". . . Baby One More Time" — Britney Spears
  2. "Run the World (Girls)" — Beyoncé
  3. "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" — Fergie, Q-Tip, GoonRock
  4. "Live It Up" — Jennifer Lopez
  5. "Whenever, Wherever" — Shakira
  6. "Come Get It Bae" — Pharrell Williams
  7. "Just a Girl" — No Doubt
  8. "Ray of Light" — Madonna
  9. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" — Michael Jackson
  10. "Don't Cha" — Pussycat Dolls
  11. "Lose Yourself to Dance" — Daft Punk
  12. "Praise You" — Fatboy Slim
  13. "The Edge of Glory" — Lady Gaga
  14. "Don't Stop the Music" — Rihanna