This Game of Thrones-Themed Workout Game Will Get You in Battle-Ready Shape

Watching Game of Thrones can be pretty stressful, which makes it exactly the kind of show that would pair well with a glass of wine and some munchies (so you don't gnaw your fingernails during the many, many tense scenes). But we've got a better idea. Your heart rate is probably already elevated from waiting on pins and needles to see what the next twist is, so why not take advantage?

We've created a Game of Thrones workout game to take your Sunday night viewing to the next level. Here's how it works: each time one of the listed events happens in any given episode, do the corresponding move. Winter may have arrived on Game of Thrones, but Summer is almost here in real life — so get toned and burn calories while the last few episodes of the epic drama unfold.

Ready to get started? Read on for our official Game of Thrones live-watching workout challenge, and print it off to have it handy for each of the final six episodes!

  1. During the title sequence: wall sit for one minute
  2. Jon Snow broods: 5 push-ups
  3. Someone tears up but doesn't actually cry: 20 bicycles
  4. A dead character is mentioned: 15 calf raises
  5. Ominous music starts a scene: 10 jumping jacks
  6. There's a battle scene: hold a side plank for 30 seconds
  7. A plan goes badly wrong: hold a 45-second plank
  8. There's dragons and/or dragon symbolism: run in place for 30 seconds
  9. Someone talks about The Wall: 10 mountain climbers
  10. A new character has a normal name but spelled weirdly: 10 push-ups
  11. There's a callback to an earlier season: 10 lunges
  12. Someone dies: 15 squats
  13. Someone dies in a particularly gruesome way: 10 Russian twists
  14. Bran says or sees something mysterious: 5 tuck jumps
  15. Flashback scene: 10 burpees
  16. Arya or Brienne kicks someone's butt: 20 crunches
  17. Cersei smirks: 15 sit-ups
  18. Magic is responsible for something: 5 jumping jacks
  19. A family tree gets even more complicated: 10 reverse lunges
  20. Tyrion makes a joke: hold a 20-second plank