I Didn't Think Cute Maternity Workout Sets Existed, Until I Tried Girlfriend Collective's Line

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I'll be honest: I resent buying maternity clothes and try to avoid these purchases at all costs. It's frustrating to spend money on items that are limited use (and usually not very stylish!), and shelter-in-place orders have made it easy to wear and rewear the same few dresses and leggings over and over again. However, at 34 weeks pregnant, I have finally crossed the threshold with activewear. I have stayed very active throughout this pregnancy and mostly gotten away with wearing regular workout gear (shout-out to working out at home, too!), but my body and bump have made it abundantly clear that I need to invest in some maternity activewear.

Enter Girlfriend Collective. I had never tried the brand, but had read rave reviews from other POPSUGAR editors about their bras and leggings. I also love the brand's commitment to sustainability. They recycle old plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste to make all their products, use recycled dye, and encourage consumers to donate their products when they're done or ship them back so that Girlfriend Collective can recycle them into new products. When I heard about their new maternity leggings and nursing sports bra, I was excited to try them out. And they did not disappoint.

The Maternity Legging

The Maternity Legging

The product: Girlfriend Collective Maternity Leggings ($88)

The fit: Billed as the most comfortable maternity legging ever, expectations for these were high. They felt lightweight and smooth as they glided right on. These are definitely the kind of leggings you can wear all day. At 34 weeks pregnant, that's nothing to scoff at!

The function: I have worn these leggings for two workouts so far: prenatal yoga and (at-home) spin. These are two wildly different workouts, and the leggings were perfect for both. I was thrilled to notice that the belly band never budged, no matter how I moved. I usually result to folding down most maternity leggings because the belly band either starts to dig into my skin or fall down, but these stayed comfortably in place throughout both workouts.

The verdict: I love these leggings and wish I had bought them earlier in my pregnancy to salvage my now-loose regular activewear. They're at the upper end of what I would spend for maternity leggings, but are incredibly functional for daily wear and a variety of workouts. I'll be living in them both now and for months after delivery, so from a cost-per-wear standpoint, these definitely hold up.

Ellie Clip Nursing Bra
POPSUGAR Photography | Stacy Hersher

Ellie Clip Nursing Bra

The product: Girlfriend Collective Ellie Clip Nursing Bra ($48)

The fit: I loved the adjustable settings for the straps and back for this sports bra. Your boob size fluctuates quite a bit during and after pregnancy, so this felt like one of those thoughtful "designed by a mom" decisions. Like most nursing bras, I noticed the additional strap that connects and disconnects the bra strap to the bra for easy access. It took some getting used to at first, but wasn't noticeable after a few minutes of wear. Overall, I found this bra to be very comfortable and flattering.

The function: The bra kept everything in place throughout my workouts. I don't know how it would perform for higher-intensity training (that's certainly not happening anytime soon!), but it was sturdy and comfortable for yoga, spin, and all-day wear.

The verdict: Again, I was extremely happy with this product. I have been hesitant to buy bigger sports bras during pregnancy, so a nursing sports bra is the perfect solution. It fits and is comfortable now, but will also be a must have once I have the all clear to start exercising again postpartum.