The Egg McFitFun Is the Breakfast Trend to Make Every Morning

As delicious as some of the McDonald's breakfast staples look, the amount of calories and the unsettling feeling that follows eating them simply aren't worth it. But what if you can indulge in a morning sandwich that's packed with protein, healthy carbs, and fiber without the guilt? Introducing, the Egg McFitFun — a healthier, cleaner alternative to the famous Egg McMuffin.

It all starts with tomato slices, avocado, and eggs, sandwiched between two halves of a whole wheat English muffin. The great thing about this item, which originated from the Fit Girls 28-day Jumpstart Challenge, is that the possibilities are endless. Add slices of low-sodium turkey bacon for a bit of protein, or forgo any meat for some greens. It only takes minutes to whip up, so it's no wonder that this healthy option is becoming a favorite among fitness lovers.

To spark some inspiration before you decide on how you'll customize your own, we've rounded up 10 of the best #EggMcFitFuns on Instagram. You'll never have to give into your McDonald's breakfast temptations again.

Instagram | fitgirl_alaska

Let a slice of low-fat Swiss melt between the egg and bun for a gooey but healthy kick of flavor.

Instagram | medgine_fitgirl

If you're craving a fluffier bun, replace the English muffin for half a bagel.

Instagram | fitg.rai

Or stick to the classic.

Instagram | ninja_fitgirl

Add some low-sodium ham for a heavier set of protein.

Instagram | fitgirlsguide

To slash calories even more, Fit Girls suggests replacing the buns for roasted sweet potato rounds and using half the cheese or double the avocado.

Instagram | fitgirl_aukgirl

Spinach, mushrooms, and a slice of pepper jack are a few other delicious options.

Instagram | fitgirlmick

This Egg McFitFun includes 100-calorie potato sandwiching thin, low-sodium turkey bacon, fresh spinach, egg, and a little sriracha for a spicy kick.

Instagram | fitgirl_annsley

If you want to skip the yolk, try scrambling your eggs instead.

Instagram | fitgirl_hyerin

Adding brussels sprouts to this superclean variation gives it a healthy crunch.

Instagram | fitgirl_toothfairy

This gorgeous version really puts the egg in Egg McFitFun — a hard-boiled egg with no yolk sits atop a bed of spinach and mashed avocado.