Do These 4 Things to Prevent Thanksgiving Belly Bloat

This year is going to be different! You are going to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without feeling so overstuffed that your food coma has you sinking so deeply into the couch that you can't move for three hours straight. Do these four things on Thanksgiving Day to prevent that uncomfortable, bloated feeling.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Saving all your calories for mashed potatoes and pie? It makes sense, but if you hit that Thanksgiving spread starving, you're going to end up eating way more than you would if you ate before. No need to eat an enormous breakfast of Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, and pumpkin scones! Have a small bowl of oatmeal or a protein smoothie in the morning so you're hungry for your Thanksgiving meal but not feeling famished.

Have a Little of Everything and Know Your Priorities

Thanksgiving is one glorious day to really indulge and enjoy yourself. So go for it! But do so with a plan. Grab a plate and take a small portion of everything so you can get a little taste without getting too full. Save room for your favorites, so if green bean casserole isn't top on your list, skip it and go for Grandma's sweet potatoes. Same goes for dessert. If you live for pumpkin pie, skip the roll with your dinner to save some room. Eating smaller portions will allow you to enjoy all the flavors you love at Thanksgiving without feeling in pain.

Bring Your Own

While eating a day's worth of calories in one sitting is one of the main reasons people feel uncomfortably bloated, sometimes it's the actual food that causes belly issues. Eating rich foods your body isn't used to eating can even send you to the bathroom, so if there's a recipe you adore but you know it makes you feel sick, make a version you can eat. These mashed potatoes are dairy-free and this pumpkin pie is gluten-free, so if you bring them to Thanksgiving dinner, your belly will thank you!

Get Moving

Start a new family Thanksgiving tradition. Instead of moving from the dinner table to the couch, get everyone to go outside for a walk. Even 10 minutes will help with digestion, and having actual conversations with your family instead of staring at the TV is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about. Win-win!