DIY Vegan Greek Yogurt That Takes All of 2 Minutes to Make

Thick and offering over twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt, Greek yogurt has become one of the top breakfast and snack choices for people trying to lose weight. But if you're following a dairy-free diet, you'll feel like you're missing out because there are no dairy-free options offering that much protein. A six-ounce container of soy yogurt only offers seven grams of protein, and even though it's "Greek-style," cultured coconut milk yogurt only offers two grams. Almond milk yogurt is also low on the protein scale, offering just two grams.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

Here's a little hack for making your own protein-packed Greek yogurt — no cooking or straining required. All you need is your favorite dairy-free yogurt and your favorite (great-tasting) plant-based protein powder (I use Vega Sport vanilla). Just add half a scoop of protein powder to your yogurt, give it a good mixing until smooth and creamy, and boom! Depending on what protein powder you choose, your cup of yogurt now has 10 to 15 more grams of protein. It's an easy way to thicken otherwise watery yogurt and a quick way to get some extra protein in your day.