This Mineral Underwear May Prevent You From Getting Uncomfortable Vaginal Infections

I've been on the quest to find cotton underwear that is great for my vagina but also cute and comfortable, which isn't as easy as it sounds. As I was doing research, someone pointed me in the direction of Huha, a sustainable brand of underwear designed to keep your vagina pH balanced.

When I read this, I instantly wondered how exactly a pair of underwear could balance one's pH levels. According to the Huha website, most underwear for people with vaginas are made with synthetic fabrics (like nylon, polyester, and polyamide) that aren't breathable and trap moisture. The trapped moisture can lead to bacteria growth, a disturbance of your pH balance, and even infections like bacterial vaginosis. To prevent bacterial growth and infections, Huha created underwear made from zinc-infused fabrics, which are supposed to be more breathable and moisture-wicking than cotton underwear.

I know that's a bold claim for an underwear brand to make, which is why I reached out to an ob-gyn to get their thoughts and potentially save you some money. "In terms of vaginal health, the preferred fabrics for underwear would be ones that are breathable and natural. Most of the time, we recommend going with cotton because it's one of the easiest, natural fabrics to find," Heather Irobunda, MD, ob-gyn, told POPSUGAR.

As for the zinc-infused fabric of the Huha underwear, Dr. Irobunda said, "The zinc fabric may work for you, but as always, pay attention to how your body reacts to certain fabrics." So you'll definitely have to test them out for yourself. If you're not up for trying Huha and wondering if you can just buy zinc and apply it to your vagina, Dr. Irobunda said, "Zinc oxide should only be used externally, meaning it is not to be used inside of the vagina and I would not recommend its use on the vulva unless your medical provider directed you to use it there." She further explained that zinc is not used to fight bacteria or yeast that can lead to infection.

The Huha underwear is $64 for a three-pack ($21 for a single pair) which is comparable to more "luxury" and sustainable brands, and they range from XS to 2XL in sizing. These undies definitely seem like a good alternative to less breathable options, but since all of our vaginas are different, you'll have to test them out for yourself!