Here's Why Most Candy Corn Isn't Vegan

Candy corn is one of the most controversial Halloween candies, as people usually either love it or hate it. No matter which group you're in, you might be wondering if the tricolored triangle-shaped treat is vegan-friendly. The short answer is no, candy corn is not suitable for a vegan diet.

The main reason candy corn isn't considered vegan is because of a few of the ingredients, but each brand uses different ingredients. Luckily, there are so few ingredients in candy corn that you should be able to tell if the brand you picked up uses any animal products just by looking at the label.

Even though the main ingredients in candy corn like sugar and corn syrup are vegan, some of the additional ingredients are not. Many of the top-selling candy corns include things like gelatin and confectioner's glaze, both of which are made with animal products like ligaments and insect excretions. Another major ingredient in candy corn is honey, which is not considered vegan, though some people include it in their vegan diet and others do not.

Even though there doesn't look to be any brands making vegan-friendly candy corn, there is an alternative. You can make your own candy corn with just a few ingredients that are all vegan-friendly! We love this recipe from, which allows everyone to enjoy candy corn this Halloween.