Iskra Lawrence Strips to Her Underwear on a Packed Train to Protest Body Shaming

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Iskra Lawrence epitomizes confidence and body positivity, and now, she's stripped down to her underwear in an unusual situation to spread an important message about loving your body. The 26-year-old model undressed to her bra and underwear, speaking to passengers about what it means to love yourself and appreciate the skin you're in. "I want to make myself vulnerable today so you can see clearly that I've come on with my own body and how I feel about myself today," she said in the video. "I'm going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves."

Iskra took her dedication to body positivity to a new level, exposing herself on a subway car filled with strangers and opening up about her past and her own journey to loving her body. "I grew up hating what I saw in the mirror because society told me I was not good enough," she said. "I thought there was something wrong because I didn't have a thigh gap, that I had cellulite, that I wasn't skinny enough. That is the media, that is society making a small standard of beauty, when we are so much more than that."

But she did not stop there! Iskra powerfully explains that our bodies are not meant to be objectified or torn apart; they are our "homes" and "vessels." She continued, "So please, when you look in the mirror when you get home, do not pick our your insecurities, do not look at the things that society told you was not good enough, because you are so much more than that."

Usually if someone takes their clothes off on a New York City train, we look away and ignore this person at all costs, but for Iskra, the passengers applauded her message and praised her confidence because every single word that came out of her mouth was heartfelt and inspiring. Watch the video above and see how truly powerful her message is.