Watch Gymnast Jade Carey Showcase a Superwoman Tumbling Pass Before Nationals

The 2021 US Gymnastics Championships start June 3, and ahead of the national competition, gymnast Jade Carey showcased an incredible tumbling pass on floor. It's a triple-twisting double back layout, also referred to as a laid-out triple-double or triple-double layout, seen above (that's three full twists and two backflips in a laid-out position). For comparison, Simone Biles does this move in a tucked position — it's her name-bearing triple-double (three full twists and two backflips).

According to gymnastics media sources at podium training, Biles congratulated and high-fived Carey after witnessing the soaring skill. NBC commentator and former gymnast Tim Daggett reported that Biles said "that's crazy!" upon seeing it. Other gymnasts chimed in as well. "Team USA Women continue to blaze the trail BRAVO," 1996 Olympian Dominique Moceanu tweeted. Two-time Olympian Aly Raisman wrote, "So difficult. Congrats!!"

In men's gymnastics, this skill, called "Shirai 3," is named after Japan's Kenzo Shirai. It is not currently recognized as an official skill in the Women's Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points, which puts Carey on track to getting it named after her if she successfully lands it at a major International Gymnastics Federation competition. (Note: So far, there's a double-twisting double back layout dubbed the "Moors" in the women's Code of Points, which has one fewer full twist than Carey's skill. It's named after Canadian gymnast Victoria Moors.)

Carey mathematically clinched one of two individual Tokyo Olympics berths to represent the US. However, she's still set on competing at the Olympic trials later this month, as a spot on the four-person team is at stake. Even if she doesn't debut her triple-double layout during floor routines in either Nationals session (June 4 and June 6) — or at the Olympics, for that matter — it's an iconic skill. Excuse us while we go replay the clip until we get dizzy!