This Kettlebell Butt and Ab Workout Is So Intense, Even Jillian Michaels Is Shaking

A Jillian Michaels Instagram workout never lets us down. Whether she's burning your abs with quick weighted core circuits (here are 11 of our favorites), pumping up your strength and endurance with a medicine ball, or (finally) giving you the confidence to try out the sled, a Jillian-approved video always inspires us to hit the gym and upgrade our routines. (You can also keep up with her workouts and fitness advice on her My Fitness app and in her book The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty.)

This kettlebell butt plus core workout might just be her hardest yet. Good news: it's also one of her most accessible. You don't need anything but a kettlebell (here's a guide for choosing the right weight), enough space for a lunge, and Jillian's video, which shows exactly how to do the four compound moves that have even this world-famous fitness guru shaking. You'll combine bicep curls with low side lunges, deadlifts with weighted squats, and overhead presses with lunges. Jillian also threw in one weighted core move at the end, in case your abs weren't trembling enough already! She recommended doing each move for 30 seconds for a total of four rounds, moving as fast as you can from one exercise to the next.

What we love about this workout is that it's glute-focused, but you're also working your upper body and abs the whole time, especially if you engage your core through every move. That's called getting more bang for your buck, and we are all for it. Hit play and let Jillian help you feel that burn.