Jillian Michaels's Powerful Message Is Exactly What We Need to Hear After a Cheat Day

Jillian Michaels is constantly inspiring our everyday lives. Between her hilarious Instagram feed, out-of-breath-just-thinking-about-it workouts, and uplifting fitness mantras, the 42-year-old fitness and life coach is always keeping it real. Now, after a long and emotional week, Jillian is telling us exactly what we need to hear.

"When you screw up, skip a workout or eat a bad meal, it doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club. There's like seven billion of us," she posted on Instagram, reminding us all that "it's about progress not perfection."

Coming from Jillian, who's essentially one of the most relevant fitness goddesses of our generation, it's incredibly powerful. In a world where we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, she's simply telling everyone that it's OK to skip a workout or have a cheat meal because "it makes you human." Perfection is not a realistic expectation, and Jillian is using her influential voice to reinforce that. Printing this out and hanging it on our walls ASAP!