If You're Pregnant or New to Fitness, Kayla Itsines Has a Modified Workout You Can Try

Sweat app trainer and BBG creator Kayla Itsines has been modifying her workouts as her pregnancy progresses (she's expecting a baby girl next month!). She makes sure to clarify to her 11 million Instagram followers that she gets clearance from her doctor to continue exercises and told POPSUGAR in a previous interview that she cuts out ab moves completely. Instead, she focuses on full-body workouts and uses light weights. Kayla may be making adjustments (as she should), but she's still banging out sweat sessions like nobody's business.

Now 35 weeks pregnant, Kayla posted a circuit on her Instagram feed that she says is suitable for pregnant women and people new to fitness. "So today I completed a 28-minute, modified BBG workout with BREAKS in between each lap," Kayla wrote. "It's so important to listen to your body and learn to [recognize] the difference between PUSHING yourself and OVER EXERTING yourself. Go at your OWN pace." She completed the following six moves with breaks in between each round:

  1. Modified burpees with elevated knee push-ups
  2. Standing alternating toe touches
  3. Weighted squat press
  4. Bent-over rows
  5. Lateral to front arm raises
  6. Hammer curls

"This is the only time she sleeps," the trainer wrote of her baby girl. "If I sit still she goes crazy!" Keep up the amazing work, Kayla!