Kelly Ripa Shares an "Extremely Thirsty" Video of Mark Consuelos Tearing Up His Abs

It's in her last name — Kelly Ripa is ripped. She works with trainer Anna Kaiser, and Kelly gets in a sweat session four to five days a week. Her husband, Riverdale star Mark Consuelos, is also a fine specimen of fitness if we ever saw one.

To prove it, here is Kelly's recent Instagram post that shows Mark doing an intense core-shredding exercise resembling a move called the "dragonfly" on a workout bench. (Lindsey Vonn did a version of this here.) Note: this is an advanced exercise. It requires a great amount of stability to keep your core tight and move with control as you lower your body in a hollow position without breaking form. So, if you're not at that level, you might want to try reverse crunches first and also practice holding a hollow-body position.

"How bout a little #workoutmotivation for the extremely thirsty," Kelly captioned the post seen above. She added the hashtags "#workout" and "#daddy," which definitely feel appropriate for this video. Do your ab-crushing thing, Mark!