I'm Not Sure What's Better: Kelly Rowland's Red Hot Leggings or Her Chiseled Abs in This Video

I can't help but get slightly suspicious and excited about a Destiny's Child reunion tour every time I see Kelly Rowland in the gym. I know there's a strong (and by strong I mean greater than 95 percent) chance Kelly is just working out because she likes to feel good and strong, but I can dream, right?

I've been loving the workout snippets Kelly has been sharing on Instagram, and I can't decide which I like more: this ab exercise or her workout gear. Kelly's rocking a few pieces from her Kelly by Fabletics collection, and I've definitely got to get my hands on those leggings. Athletic apparel aside, these bosu ball sit-ups are no joke, and I'm adding them to my list of ab exercises to try!

My final verdict: 10/10 for attire and exercise difficulty.