Lana Condor Doesn't Want to Count a Single Calorie in 2024: "I Can't Do It Anymore"

Aspen is a pretty perfect place to set your New Year's resolutions — just ask Lana Condor. After spending an especially cozy New Year's Eve in the Colorado mountains, Condor's wellness goals are some of her best yet, emphasizing self-care over self-improvement. "Last year, my one resolution was to take people at their word," she tells POPSUGAR. "I constantly overthink what people are saying." She decided to stick with a similar theme for 2024, choosing something to quit instead of something to commit to. "Anything that makes me feel any sort of shame or guilt in any way, I just want to leave that behind," she says. "I'm hoping to stick to it, but we'll see what happens."

Condor has come a long way from the diet trends she used to buy into, which is part of the reason why she's distancing herself from traditional resolutions. "I have fallen victim to different crazy wellness fads in the past, and I always feel so much worse," she says. "A lot of it is restricting yourself and taking away the delicious aspect of what food and nutrition is supposed to be for you." These days, she's better at reading the signals. "It's listening to your body and being like, 'Well, this wild juice cleanse clearly is not benefiting me, because I'm shaking and I'm starving for days.'"

"I am someone who genuinely believes that what nourishes me can also be delicious."

A self-proclaimed "foodie" herself, restriction is a part of wellness culture Condor wholeheartedly rejects. "That has never been my MO. I am someone who genuinely believes that what nourishes me can also be delicious." This is the same ethos behind her new Better You by Lana wellness experience with KIND Snacks, launching for one day only on Jan. 12 (or "Quitter's Day," the time of year people are most likely to abandon their New Year's resolutions).

"The point of the experience is to let consumers know that different health fads and health trends are not necessarily always very good for you, and they don't actually serve you," Condor explains, describing the Santa Monica pop-up as a very big, sensory experience with some of her favorite healthy and delicious snacks from KIND. "We are really trying to flip the switch on actually having resolutions and health goals that are beneficial to you as a whole, and not insanely restrictive."

As 2024 continues to forge ahead, Condor leaves us with a few of her ins and outs for the next 12 months. "In terms of wellness, hydration [and] whole nutrition are always in," she says. "Out, I would say calorie counting." (And we'd have to agree.) "It hurts my brain, it hurts my heart. I can't do it anymore."