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Licensed Therapist Gives Advice Based on Taylor Swift Songs

Is Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song "Marjorie"? That Means You're Grieving, This Therapist Says

Love, loss, grief, pain, anger — Taylor Swift's songs are like a smoothie of emotions! But that's why we love them so much — they are so relatable and give us all the feels. If you connect to certain songs, it may be like a mirror to your soul. Licensed therapist Amanda E. White, LPC (therapyforwomen on TikTok), said her favorite sessions are when clients tell her what Swift songs they're binge-listening to and why. That's because "it tells me everything I need to know," she said in this TikTok.

White has created this series of TikTok videos featuring specific Swift songs paired with her two cents about what it might mean if you relate to them — watch them all and see if she's right. Note that while she is a licensed therapist, she's not your therapist, and this isn't a diagnosis for you specifically or advice you need to take. Seek out a professional therapist if you need help or someone to talk to.

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