Is Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song "Marjorie"? That Means You're Grieving, This Therapist Says

Love, loss, grief, pain, anger — Taylor Swift's songs are like a smoothie of emotions! But that's why we love them so much — they are so relatable and give us all the feels. If you connect to certain songs, it may be like a mirror to your soul. Licensed therapist Amanda E. White, LPC (therapyforwomen on TikTok), said her favorite sessions are when clients tell her what Swift songs they're binge-listening to and why. That's because "it tells me everything I need to know," she said in this TikTok.

White has created this series of TikTok videos featuring specific Swift songs paired with her two cents about what it might mean if you relate to them — watch them all and see if she's right. Note that while she is a licensed therapist, she's not your therapist, and this isn't a diagnosis for you specifically or advice you need to take. Seek out a professional therapist if you need help or someone to talk to.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Champagne Problems"

White said resonating with "Champagne Problems" may mean you have a history of anxiety, depression, or some sort of mental health issue, and you may feel like you have never really fit in.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "This Is Me Trying"

If you relate to "This Is Me Trying," you're probably trying really hard right now, struggling during this pandemic, White said. You may feel pressure from others to do more, but you're doing your best, and you feel frustrated for not being acknowledged for just surviving.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Marjorie"

White said if you're feeling loss or grief listening to "Marjorie," you probably relate to the line "What died didn't stay dead, you're alive in my heart." One commenter said, "I started crying so a little too accurate."

Taylor Swift Therapy: "The Lakes"

If you resonate with "The Lakes," you may be feeling overwhelmed with the busy, fast-paced, "go go go, never enough culture," White said. You long to escape to the country with your love and be in solace, where no one can see you or bother you.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Mirrorball"

Are you a perfectionist in some capacity, do you thrive on being busy, and do you try really hard to make other people happy? That's why you may be loving "Mirrorball" right now, White said.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Right Where You Left Me"

Is this your favorite song at the moment? You might be feeling really stuck right now, she said.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "All Too Well"

You may be relating to "All Too Well," White said, because you're feeling really sad right now.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Peace"

If the song "Peace" speaks to you, you may have mental health issues, a history of trauma, or family drama, White said.

Taylor Swift Therapy: "Seven"

White said you may be binge-listening to "Seven" because you're feeling nostalgic about your childhood and may be thinking about simpler times when you had fewer expectations and responsibilities. Or you may be remembering the challenging moments, whether they were hard times or trauma.

Which Taylor Swift songs speak to you right now?