This $16 Set of Resistance Bands Helped Me Finally Commit to a Home Workout Routine

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Let me just start with saying that I dread working out. It's not the first thing I want to do in the morning, nor is it at the top of my list for after work. But being behind a desk most of the day means that I'm pretty much sedentary from 9 to 5, so even if I don't want to do a bunch of sweat-inducing exercises, I have to work out to stay sharp and fit.

A gym membership was financially out of the question for me, so I searched for the best at-home equipment to make my workout routine simple and effective. After some research, I was pretty overwhelmed with the pricing and accessibility of many of the options. Then I stumbled upon Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops ($16, originally $40), a set of 12-inch bands that are perfect for physical therapy, stretching, strength training, yoga, and more. They take up little to no space and can be used in so many ways that they're the perfect multitasking tool for home workouts. We're talking arm, glutes, hip, leg, and core exercises.

The kit comes with five color-coded resistance bands that range from extra light to extra heavy. Basically the stretchier the band, the less resistance. Tighter bands create more resistance and provide a higher intensity workout. To put it in perspective, the light green band is the equivalent of six to 11 pounds of resistance, while the heavy red band is about 20 to 25 pounds of resistance. That means you can increase the intensity of your workouts as you go.

The kit also comes with a handy instruction manual and access to a free eBook that will walk you through all the exercises that can be done with your resistance bands. And here's a little secret: you can use these things while binging episodes of your favorite show. Just situate yourself in front of the TV, and get in those squats. If that's not your thing, take your workout outside, and breathe in some fresh air while you're building muscle.

While you could argue that any resistance band offers the same benefits, I'm particularly happy with this purchase because I got everything I needed to get started in one complete set. Plus, the bands never had that strange plastic smell that so many of these products do — a pleasant surprise. I've had them for a while now, and they're as good as new. And most importantly, I work out more often, because I finally have a routine I actually want to do.