Low-Impact Exercises That Won't Interrupt Your Roommate's Work Call

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It may seem challenging enough to find — and stick to — an at-home workout that's right for you. Toss in getting extra crafty with equipment, finding the perfect pair of leggings that won't slip like the UA Meridian Leggings ($70), utilizing confined spaces, and a simple workout just became anything but.
On top of that, if you're sharing said living (and gym) space with a roommate or significant other, there's a very good chance your schedules aren't necessarily in sync. When you find a moment to squeeze in a sweat, they log onto a call. Sound familiar?

Rachel Prairie, NASM-certified personal trainer and Manager of Exercise Programming at Anytime Fitness, explains there is still a way to get in a good workout and not end up on your roommate's bad side.

"Most people equate a fat-burning, sweaty work out with louder, high-impact moves, like running, high knees, or jumping," she says. "But a low-impact strength training workout can be just as effective," she explains, adding the key here is to perform a low-impact, high-delivery circuit workout. This allows you to sneak in a meaningful workout without making a ton of noise.

For at-home workouts that face limitations such as competing schedules, Prairie notes it's crucial to get the most out of your workout by allowing for minimal rest time, completing max sets, and performing dynamic moves that pull in multiple, large muscle groups such as the glutes and abs, for example. And of course, use an exercise mat to minimize impact noise as well, she adds.

Check out her low-impact but highly effective workout that won't bug your roommate — too much.

Walk Out Push-Up

  • Start in a standing position
  • Move to touch your toes
  • Crawl upper body out into a plank position, keeping your feet in same spot
  • Perform a push-up (lower to your knees if needed)
  • Crawl upper body back to toes
  • Return to standing

Repeat for 30 seconds.

Plank Shoulder Tap

  • Start in a plank position, holding your core tight
  • Shift weight to the left side and cross your right hand to tap the left shoulder
  • Return right hand to plank
  • Retain plank position
  • Shift weight to the right side and cross your left hand to tap the right shoulder
  • Return left hand to plank

Repeat for 30 seconds.

Power Knee Drive

  • Widen your stance (wider than your shoulders)
  • Angle feet slightly to right
  • Raise up arms
  • Bounce, drive left knee up while using abs and upper body to bring arms to meet left knee
  • Bring arms back over head while returning left foot to ground

Repeat for 45 seconds, then perform on the opposite side.

Duck and Punch

  • Form fists with your hands
  • Widen stance to shoulder-width distance
  • Squat and shift weight to one side
  • Use legs to push up and punch
  • Squat and shift weight to other side
  • Use legs to push up and punch with opposite arm

Repeat for 30 seconds

Classic Squat

  • Keep core tight and back straight
  • While keeping weight in the heels, sit back into a squat position

If you feel inclined to make this move more challenging, Prairie suggests adding weight — a jug of water, a backpack filled with weights, some books — and even adding in a static hold or small jump at the top of your squat.

Repeat for 30 seconds.