Maggie Steffens Beat the Women's Olympic Water Polo Record With 49 Goals — All With a Broken Nose

During the women's water polo match between USA and the Russian Olympic Committee on Friday, Team USA captain Maggie Steffens set an all-time record as the leading scorer in Olympic history for women's water polo. You can see in the video below (she's number six), on the 28-year-old's third goal of the match, she broke the record, hitting 48 goals. But by the end of the third quarter during their 18-5 victory match, Steffens made another goal (at 5:04 in the video), adding to her record and making it 49 total. And she did this with a broken nose, after getting hurt last Monday during a match against China.

"As much as it's definitely cool and I appreciate it, you can't have that without teammates," she said in an ESPN interview. She will have another opportunity to score goals in the quarterfinals on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

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