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7 Mindful Breathing Tips For Work and Study

If Stress Has Your Mind and Body Aching, Here's How to Fix Your Posture, Reset, and Breathe

7 Mindful Breathing Tips For Work and Study
Image Source: Getty / zeljkosantrac

Stress has a way of taking over our bodies. Caught up in a tense class or workday, the last thing on your mind is your posture, your breathing, and whether your core is engaged. In these moments, it's so easy to disassociate with your body, get overwhelmed by the task in front of you, and let your stress levels shoot off the charts. It leads to physical tension, mental chaos, and annoying reminders from your concerned Apple Watch to "Breathe!"

You've probably heard the advice to stand up, walk around, and take breaks at work and during long study sessions. But if you can't get up for a quick walk, there are plenty of other ways to stretch out, return to your mindful state, and relieve some stress. For those tips, we turned to yoga instructors with expertise in releasing tension from both body and mind.

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