These Naked Yoga Photos Are So Gorgeous and Might Make You Blush

Doing yoga can help make you feel calm and stripped of any negativity, anxiety, or insecurities. And to get you deeper into feeling pure and blissful, you might find practicing without clothes on can help you reach new levels of clarity, openness, and joy. Or you might think it's totally crazy and would rather find inspiration seeing other people do it.

Here's a gallery of gorgeous yogis doing yoga in nothing but their skin. Don't worry! They've strategically placed their limbs and the camera so you won't see anything that might make you blush.

Upside down and naked!

Oh to be on that beach right now . . .

What a gorgeous way to stretch your hips.

Not quite sure what's going on here but it's beautiful.

Now that's impressive!

Without clothes, you can see all her gorgeous tattoos.

Um, is this real?

Strong in the sun.

This must feel so good on the hips and lower back.

The sun must feel so good!

Both legs behind the head!

Can't get over the strength and flexibility!

Love this angle.

A little naked yoga in the morning.

Such focus!


How low can she go?

Inner calm, inner peace.

Yoga in the sauna?! Talk about hot yoga!

Doing yoga in the woods must feel amazing, with or without clothes.

I can't help but try to get a closer look at those tattoos!

Love everything about this.