And the Award For Best Met Gala Entrance of All Time Goes to Gymnast Nia Dennis

Nia Dennis sure knows how to make an entrance! While arriving at her first-ever Met Gala on Monday evening, the former UCLA gymnast performed an entire routine right there on the museum steps, and it deserved a perfect 10 in our books. Accompanied by the Brooklyn United Marching Band clad in red, white, and blue outfits, Dennis wore a bright blue Stella McCartney x Adidas bodysuit with rhinestone-embellished sneakers, Ana Khouri jewelry, and Jennifer Behr bobby pins before slipping on a sparkly blue dress and heels.

The 22-year-old athlete, whose Beyoncé-inspired floor routine went viral back in 2020, nailed backflips, cartwheels, and splits aplenty as photographers looked on in amazement. The resulting pictures may look Photoshopped at first, but they are, in fact, real. Read ahead to see footage of Dennis showing off her skills at the Met Gala like a true boss.