This Is the Natural Supplement I Take Whenever I'm Bloated — and It's on Amazon!

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I rarely bloat, but when I do, it's always extremely uncomfortable and painful to move. I recently had surgery and I was taking a lot of pain medicines and antibiotics, and my bowel movements were pretty much nonexistent for the first few weeks on meds. As a result, my stomach constantly felt like it was stretched to capacity and since I wasn't having normal bowel movements, I experienced a lot of cramping and bloating.

I tried a stool softener, which didn't work, because according to the nurse practitioner, you have to take them before you become bloated and constipated, and then I remembered that I had an unopened bottle of The Nue Co. All-Natural Debloat Food and Prebiotic ($55) and tried it out. I took two pills — they're pretty small just in case you're someone who doesn't like large pills – and after about two hours, the pressure I was experiencing in my stomach had dissipated. Eventually, my flow was back to normal, but I still keep the Debloat Food on hand. They're great for the days when I forget to ask for oat milk in my chai latte or before I take a trip to the local ice cream shop in my neighborhood and get two extra-large scoops of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

This all-natural supplement incorporates a blend of digestive enzymes, licorice root extract, and organic turmeric "to help break down food and address uncomfortable symptoms of IBS and digestive issues," according to the brand's website. I'm no doctor and by no means am I saying this product will be a cure-all, but it definitely has helped me whenever I've experienced discomfort and bloating. If you constantly find yourself bloated, I think the Debloat Food is worth trying, but as always, please speak to your doctor before you begin taking any new supplements.