Heck Yes! These Protein-Packed Gummies Are Pretty Much Like Healthy Sour Patch Kids

When you hear of the word "candy," you probably visualize an overly sweet treat that overwhelms you with a week's worth of sugar in just one bite. But if I told you that a healthier candy existed — one that can fuel your body with protein before or after a workout — would you believe me? Don't worry; I won't be offended if your answer is "no" because I almost didn't believe it either when I discovered Pandy Candy.

A Swedish company, Pandy makes three different protein-heavy gummy treats: Soda Shakers (lime and cola gummies shaped like soda bottles), Salty Kettlebells (salty licorice shaped like the cutest darn mini kettlebells), and Sour Plates (orage, pear, and strawberry candies shaped like hexagons). Honestly, these sound so much better than our usual Sour Patch Kids or Haribo bears.

Each bag is jam-packed with a whopping 16 grams of protein and four grams of BCAA (or Branched-Chain Amino Acids, which can help promote muscle growth). On top of that, there are zero grams of sugar in every bag because the candies are naturally sweetened with stevia. Heck yes!

Unfortunately, Pandy is based in Sweden and is only sold through a few online shops in the UK, all of which don't ship to the US. Darn it! However, we know of another similar brand, Smart Sweets, which makes the best effing healthy gummy bears on the planet (and which can be shipped to the States). Whether you have a trip to Sweden in the books or not, you can catch an up-close look at the Pandy treats ahead, and cross your fingers that they find their way stateside in the very near future.