Please Enjoy Paula Abdul Being Chased by Her 3 Chihuahuas During Her At-Home Workout

Squeezing in a quick at-home workout can be tough, especially if you're Puala Abdul and your three adorable chihuahuas won't give you a moment of peace. In a hilarious video shared to her TikTok account on Wednesday, Abdul is seen working out in her backyard. But just because she's not in the gym, doesn't mean she's working out alone. "Adjusting to the new normal of working out. The Moo-Pack is bringing a whole new meaning to Downward Dog," Abdul captioned the video of herself jogging, stretching, and doing a variety of exercises with the three dogs right on her heels.

Nemo, the black chihuahua, and Batman — the small white chihuahua — were the stars of the video, giving Abdul lots of kisses and cuddles during her routine. At one point, Batman even balanced himself on top of Abdul's butt as she attempted a downward dog yoga pose with Nemo licking at her face. Even though they might not be the most motivational personal trainers, Nemo and Batman are the workout buddies we would want by our sides in a heartbeat. Watch Abdul's full workout routine above, and try to see if you can spot Bessie Moo, a brown and white spotted chihuahua, cheering her family on in the background.