I Took a Very Expensive Shortcut to Lose Weight For My Wedding, and I Totally Regret It

We all want to look our best at our own weddings. I mean, all eyes will be on us as we stroll down that aisle, and there will be a billion photos taken of us. It makes sense. Some of us book a personal trainer, try a new fad diet, or even train for a big race to get in the best shape of our lives. But me, I took the lazy way out — and today, I regret it. Months before my wedding, the body wrap craze started hitting salons and even workout facilities. The idea of not having to work out like crazy while still losing inches sold me immediately.

I did some light research on places that provided the body wraps in my area. I chose one based on both reviews and price. At my first appointment, the woman greeted me with a smile and congratulated me on my future marriage. I was thrilled. She walked me into my tiny dressing room. She told me about the process, had me sign a waiver, and off came my clothes. Born without any modesty, I didn't mind. She rubbed the cool gel all over my body, then wrapped my body in something similar to saran wrap. I looked like a suffocated sausage. But not even that obnoxious image staring back at me in the mirror made me regretful — not in that moment at least.

After my entire body was covered, I put some light clothes on, was escorted out to the small gym area, and exercised moderately for 30 minutes. When I was done, the woman unwrapped me, and I no longer looked like a stuffed mummy. I felt good about the process and my body. I went back and did that same thing three more times before my big day. Overall, I spent more than $500 to look my best for my wedding day, but was it worth it?

Yes, I did lose a couple of inches around my body. But in hindsight, I didn't need to lose anything, and I should have done it the old-fashioned way. I should have worked out on my own and made healthier eating choices. Plus, a couple of months after my wedding, I looked down at my thighs, and they had started to look crepey like an old woman's. Now, I know that it could have been a coincidence, but at age 27, I strongly doubt that. I should have researched what this body wrap fad could do to your skin.

Yes, maybe the absurd body wraps may have given my confidence a boost on my wedding day, but at what cost? The skin on my legs has never bounced back from that. And the amount of money I spent was absurd, too. How ridiculous I was to spend that much money on something I thought would miraculously change my body. Not only did the inches grow back, but I'll never see that money again either. A rip-off to the extreme.

If you're considering doing something a little drastic before your big day — don't. Trust me, do it the old-fashioned way: work out on your own and just eat healthy. Not only will you be changing your lifestyle for the good, but your wallet won't be as empty. And the pictures on your wedding day will be just as beautiful and probably mean a little more to you knowing that you worked hard for that hot bod all by yourself.