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POPSUGAR Fitness at Target Sliding Core Discs Review

These Sliding Core Discs I Got at Target Survived the (Mountain) Climb

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POPSUGAR Sliding Core Discs Review

Whether you use them to level up your planks or crush your leg day, core slider discs are a lightweight and portable piece of fitness gear that will help you get closer to your goals. POPSUGAR Sliding Core Discs ($13) recently dropped, and I got the opportunity to give them a try. The dual-sided discs have a pale-blue side meant for hard surfaces, plus a helpful sticker is on one slider's navy-blue side that lets you know the smooth side is for carpeted surfaces.

The plush pale-blue side is adorned with motivational messaging: one slider says, "You've Got This," and the other says, "Don't Stop Now." The navy-blue side features a heart on one slider and a lightning bolt on the other. Included is an exercise guide with a few options for using these discs, including mountain climbers. So I flipped my slider's pale-blue side face down on a tile surface and tried these out.

Trying POPSUGAR's Sliding Core Discs

After throwing on a pair of sneakers, I stepped onto these sliding discs, tried a few mountain climbers and some squats, extending one leg to the right and the other to the left. The sliders effortlessly skimmed over the tiles for both exercises. Then I tried the same exercises with bare feet for those days when I want to work out but don't want to put shoes on. I expected that my feet would be all over the place, but to my surprise, my feet felt steady during both exercises. I then tried the same exercises on carpet and found these discs to be just as steady. Not too slippery, but gliding easily over tile and carpet.

Shoes or not, POPSUGAR's Sliding Core Discs will have your feet (and hands) feeling stable, while your core might shake after a few reps of your exercise of choice. And if you don't know where to begin, the included exercise guide is a great place to start.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Angelica Wilson
POPSUGAR Fitness at Target Sliding Core Discs Review
POPSUGAR Sliding Core Discs
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