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Post-Workout Recovery Routine For Soreness

The After-Workout Recovery Routine I Rely On to Ease Soreness

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The only constant in my fitness routine is that it's always changing. I tend to lose interest in workouts quickly, so I've learned that I need to switch up my workouts every week or two to keep myself motivated.

That means I find myself feeling sore more often than I'd like to admit. Just when my body's getting used to a particular HIIT routine or spin class, I'll try a new one — working totally different muscles in the process.

After waking up one too many times with aching muscles, I've come up with a post-workout recovery routine that gives my body some much-needed TLC. I still get sore, but if I've followed these tried-and-true steps, I'll still be able to climb a flight of stairs without whining the next day.

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