Powerlifter Uses Her Loose Skin to Empower Women Everywhere

Some women experience excess loose skin after giving birth due to weight gain during pregnancy, but one powerlifter isn't letting it get the best of her. Kelsy recently uploaded a photo of herself grabbing her excess skin on Instagram and explained why she chose to learn to love the body she has. "The moment I started loving my body for what it can do over how it looks is when I really started being successful in fitness," she captioned the body-positive photo of herself.

"I have created life twice, held hundreds of lbs in my hands at a time and run thousands of miles. To everyone discouraged by loose skin: I promise you, it has never kept me from accomplishing ANYTHING."

Her empowering message was met with comments from women who applauded her for being a great example of what it means to love the skin you're in. "Love hearing other women treat fitness as being the best athlete they can be and not solely on what their body looks like," one user wrote. "My body is pretty amazing, so to minimize it to just stretch marks or loose skin is so unfair to all the work I've put in," Kelsy replied. Her powerful photo shatters the perception some might have about what a power lifter's body is supposed to look like, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't in awe of her!