This Single-Serving Protein Cookie Recipe on TikTok Looks Fudgy and Delicious

Is your mouth watering? Because this protein chocolate chip cookie looks all kinds of delicious, and we're so excited that South Africa-based Wholesome Lee blogger Leanne Chang, who goes by @wholesome_lee on TikTok, shared a macro-friendly single-serving cookie.

In the video above, you'll see that the recipe calls for two tablespoons of vanilla protein powder (Chang told POPSUGAR she uses pea protein, as it "yields the best texture for baking"), one teaspoon of granulated sugar or sweetener of your choice, one tablespoon of nut butter (she goes with peanut butter), and one or two tablespoons of milk or water. You'll mix everything, flatten the mixture into a cookie form, and top it with chocolate chips, though they are optional.

Once baked for eight to 10 minutes at 180°C (or about 350°F), the cookie will be thick and chewy. The macros will differ depending on what brands you're using, but, calorie-wise, Chang indicates in the video that her version comes out to about 150. "It is perfect for portion control, or if you just feel like making something in the moment," Chang notes.

If you're looking for more protein-packed baked goods, try this Almond Joy muffin recipe. Plus, Chang has so many more mouthwatering recipes on her Instagram page. Enjoy!