Beat the Cold With the Best 10-Minute Indoor HIIT Workouts We Could Find

It may be cold outside, but we partnered with C9 Champion on this post that will have you working up a sweat and steaming up your living room.

We totally get it. Waking up to a couple of inches of snow surely doesn't entice you outdoors for a morning run. Indulge your Winter need to hibernate with high-intensity interval workouts that kick up cardio levels while burning fat and boosting your metabolism — without leaving the comfort of your home. It's just you against your body, meaning there aren't any excuses for not rolling out of bed and burning through one of these seven workouts.

  1. Total body: Crush calories with a total-body workout that takes intervals to the max. It's 10 minutes of pure sweat that will leave you feeling awesome.
  2. Full cycle: Warm up, get your cardio cranked with two Tabata sets, and then cool down, all in 10 minutes. And there's no equipment needed, so you really can press pause while binge-watching your favorite show and press play on this workout.
  3. Lower- and upper-body pump: Focus on your upper and lower trouble areas with a Tabata workout that hurts so good. You'll tighten buns, tone biceps, and have a healthy glow.
  4. HIIT it: Not sure how you feel about Tabata? Check out this high-intensity interval workout that flows together into 10 minutes of cardio burn.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

  1. Good all over: For a different high-intensity workout, check out a P9OX3 session for a quick and intense challenge. You'll maximize your workout while burning through calories.
  2. Runner's workout: Check out this sweat session that incorporates running in place with other heart-pumping moves that will leave you feeling like you got your jog on.
  3. Intense intervals: Work yourself up to a serious Tabata workout with bodyweight intervals that tones while scorching through calories — and in only 10 minutes!

Looking for a few more indoor workouts to beat the cold? Take a look at the video below, brought to you by C9 Champion, exclusively sold at Target.