For a Good Time, Call N-A-M-A-S-T-E

"Your husband must be psyched." Here I am trying to get my leg behind my head in a yoga class, and that's what I hear coming from the person next to me. At first I was totally offended, but then I thought, "Wow, yeah, she's right!" Here are a few reasons yogis who are magnificent on their mats are even more sensational in the sack!

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Put My Leg Where?

Oh, no problem. Whatever position your partner is feeling jazzy enough to suggest, with a yogi's insane flexibility, he or she will be psyched to try out any new ideas in the bedroom. Yogis are not only used to putting themselves into all kinds of bendy poses, but their strong legs, core, and arms make them capable of holding those positions with a smile. Chances are, whatever you come up with, they've probably done it in public, in a yoga class. Lucky you!

Wow, Did You Just Squeeze My . . .

Aside from admirable flexibility and strength, yogis have a secret weapon under their capris — a strong pelvic floor. OK, so that term doesn't exactly sound sexy, but man, if you've ever been with someone who has full control of the muscles down there, then you know firsthand how amazing sex can be. When a woman flexes her pelvic floor muscles, it gives her male partner a little squeeze that can increase sexual sensations for both. And when a man has strong pelvic floor muscles, he's better able to withhold orgasm, which can give his partner enough time to reach an orgasm. It's a win-win!

Our Hearts Beat as One

Spirituality is a huge piece of the yoga jigsaw puzzle, and because your yogi is mindful and deeply in tune with the love inside and the love in the world, sex to a yogi is all about feeling that deep connection with their partner. Emotions will be sky high, and you'll instantly feel that overflowing love, and that alone can get you more in the mood and heighten sensations. And although some people are into loveless sex for the pure passion, you'll find that nothing is more mind blowing and intense than gazing eye to eye and truly making love in the literal sense, sharing that blissful moment together. Sex with a yogi is what sex was designed to be.

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