Namaste: 30 Hot Guys Doing Yoga Who Will Transport You to Total Bliss

What's better than hot guys practicing yoga? Shirtless hot guys practicing yoga. Aside from admiring their washboard abs, you'll be more than impressed by the following men showing off their incredible strength and stability. From lotus handstands to crow poses, these dudes prove that real men do yoga. So roll out your mat and follow along or namaste right where you are and get ready to meet your newest man crush(es). Now, this is hot yoga.

Lotus Handstand

Total Balance

Check Out That Form

What a View

8 Angle or Angel?

Stretch It Out

Lizard Pose Done Right

Hold It

Get Crow

Upward-Facing Beauty

All Eyes on You

Perfect Alignment

Just Hanging Out

Half Lotus, Total Perfection

Inverted Handstand

Flexible Much?

Ready For Ya

Planche Pose

One and Done

Touch Your Toes

Ripped and Angled

No Big Deal

Nailed It


Too Easy

Side Plank and Sunshine