Struggling With Muscle Tension in Your Upper Back? Try This Simple Stretch

If sitting at your computer all day or constantly slouching over your phone has left you feeling achy, this stretch from Brian Meenan, a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA, can help ease your upper-back pain. It takes just seconds and instantly helps relieve tension.

Start by sitting with your knees slightly spread apart. Cross your arms in front of you and place the backs of your hands outside opposite knees. Slowly spread your knees apart as you bend forward to get a soothing stretch in your upper back. You'll be able to feel this across your entire back; just be careful not to move too quickly or push too far.

There are plenty of safe ways to stretch your muscles, including some that you should do every single day. Be careful to take care of your body, especially if you find yourself sitting in one position for a long time. Just always be cautious not to push your body too far or tackle any stretches that feel uncomfortable — and when in doubt, check with your doctor.