Grab a Stability Ball, and Press Play on These Follow-Along Workout Videos

There are so many exercises you can use a stability ball for, especially when it comes to targeting your core. Why? Because this fitness tool, otherwise known as an exercise or Swiss ball, challenges your balance and stability, as the name suggests. And it's not just for your core; moves like lunges and back extensions are made more difficult when an exercise ball is involved.

Ahead, check out workouts straight from trainers on YouTube utilizing a stability ball. They range from four- to 23-minutes long, so you can do them in no time. We also included a 20-minute yoga sequence using an exercise ball for stretches. Plus, try these workout videos using medicine balls — different from a stability ball — if you're in search of more variety.

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18-Minute Full-Body Stability-Ball Workout From Heather Robertson

Trainer Heather Robertson brings us two rounds of nine different moves, each done for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. These exercises include hamstring curls, kick-ups, planks, and prayer crunches. Are you up for it?

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10-Minute Tone It Up Stability-Ball Routine

Karena Dawn from Tone It Up uses a stability ball and a set of weights for this workout (anywhere from five to 10 pounds, she said). Moves include dumbbell chest fly and chest press holding a bridge position with your upper back on the ball, as well as opposite arm and leg extensions while lying on the ball.

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5 Stability-Ball Moves For Your Abs From Class FitSugar

Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer walks us through five stability-ball exercises targeting the abs. She explains proper form for side crunches, plank and side step, dead bug, seated sidewinder (like Russian twists), and oblique side-ups, and she also gives suggested reps for each.

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10-Minute Stability-Ball Ab Workout From Heather Robertson

Robertson is here for another stability-ball workout, this time focused on your abs. The routine features two rounds of five exercises completed for 45 seconds each. These include prayer crunches, ball passes, rollouts, cross crunches, and reverse crunches. One thing we love about her videos is that they include music so you don't have to put on your own playlist!

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23-Minute Full-Body Stability-Ball Workout From BodyFit by Amy

Amy Kiser Schemper of BodyFit by Amy has this 23-minute stability-ball workout ready for you. It'll get your heart pumping and your entire body working. You'll be utilizing a wall for some of the exercises — ball squats and ball push-ups, for example — so make sure you're in a space where an open wall is available.

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20-Minute Stability-Ball Yoga From Yoga by Candace

The woman behind Yoga by Candace, a NASM-certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, has this 20-minute yoga flow with a stability ball for you to try. You'll be sitting on the ball as well as working through sequences on the floor that stretch your entire body. Poses utilizing the ball as a prop include backbend positions, seated Forward Fold, and a form of Extended Child's Pose.

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Challenge: Total-Body Stability-Ball Exercises From Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is all about a challenge, and if you're up for it, you can try some of these total-body exercises that use two stability balls. This video demonstrates the moves but does not list a workout, so use your own discretion. There are variations of push-ups, rollouts, and more.

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Challenge: More Stability-Ball Exercises From Jillian Michaels

Single-leg hamstring curls, single-leg pike-ups, and some sort of push-up hops? It must be Jillian Michaels. As we mentioned before, Michaels doesn't give directions for a full workout, so use your own discretion!

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Bonus: 30-Minute Full-Body BOSU Ball Workout From Sydney Cummings

A BOSU ball is basically an inflated dome that resembles half of a stability ball. If you have access to one, you can do this full-body routine from NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings. Moves include plank jacks, single-leg toe touches, and sit-up and jump, and you'll also need a set of dumbbells briefly.