Sydney McLaughlin's "Monster Finish" at the Olympic Track and Field Trials Set a New World Record

All eyes were on track stars Dalilah Muhammad and Sydney McLaughlin at the 400m Olympic Track and Field Trials held in Hayward Field last night. Muhammad, who has set and broken her world record with a time of 52.16 seconds, kept a powerful pace that, at one point, set her ahead of the other hurdlers. Then at 27 seconds into the race, an announcer could be heard saying, "We have seen monster finishes by Sydney McLaughlin, does she have one more?" McLaughlin showed us that she did as she got ahead of Muhammad around 43.4 seconds. In a sprint for the finish, McLaughlin set a new world record for the fastest time by a woman on the 400m hurdles by crossing the finish line at 51.9 seconds.

Watch the video above to witness the heartwarming interaction between the former and current hurdle world-record holders moments after they crossed the finish. With this historic win under 21-year-old McLaughlin's belt, we're excited for her to compete in Tokyo!

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