This Chiropractor's TikTok on How to Stretch Your Low Back Is Just the Thing We Need

Those of us with lower-back pain know that we'll try nearly anything to relieve it. Fortunately, thanks to TikTok, a wealth of chiropractor tips can be found in the palm of our hands. Today's tip comes from chiropractor Brian Meenan, DC, of Pittsburgh Premier Chiropractic Clinic. In his viral TikTok, he instructs viewers to grab a door handle, take a deep squat, lean back slightly, and push on their thigh to twist (make sure to get the other side).

I tried this for myself, and it gave me a good morning stretch that definitely got to my lower back in the best way. The stretch also reminded me of the yoga pose Malasana squat with a twist. Here's a tip from me to you: if the deep squat feels a little too deep, try sitting on a yoga block for more support under your seat. Thanks to Dr. Meenan, it's time to alleviate our low-back pain by twisting again like we did last summer!