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Try The Fitness Marshall's "Rain on Me" Cardio Workout

Dance and Get Moving With a "Rain on Me" Cardio Workout You'll Want to Do Over and Over

Dance cardio workouts never fail to lift our heart rates and put us in a good mood, especially when they're coming from The Fitness Marshall, and especially when they're set to a track we already can't get out of our heads. Right now, that's "Rain on Me," and TFM's routine to the song did NOT disappoint. There are plenty of squats, body rolls, and punches to get your heart pumping, and the song's fast, EDM-style tempo leaves no time for rest. When you finally break out into the euphoric "dancing in the rain"-style spins at the end, it's like you're washing (and sweating) away the stress and negativity.

"Life can feel like a constant rainstorm, but today, instead of hiding from the rain, we're going to dance in it," says Caleb Marshall (the brains behind The Fitness Marshall), and nothing sums up this uplifting and endorphin-filled workout better. Try it out above, and enjoy! And if you want more, you can never go wrong with this Fitness Marshall routine set to "Work From Home."

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