Trader Joe's Has Vegan Banana Walnut Bread For Just $4, and We Don't Feel Like Baking Anymore

Sure, vegan banana bread is pretty easy to make, but buying it at Trader Joe's for $4 is even easier. Dedicated Trader Joe's shoppers have spotted this new item on shelves, and we're adding it to our list of must-have TJ's groceries immediately. The sweet treat is made without eggs or butter, and the first ingredient is banana puree (shoutout to the person who waited for their bananas to ripen so we don't have to). We'd eat this plain or spread almond butter and sliced bananas on it to bulk it up.

At less than $5 and with eight servings per loaf, this is a great option for breakfast all week or for a weekend brunch spread with friends. It sounds like it's pretty tasty, too. One commenter wrote, "I tried it today and it is soooo goooooodd! Super moist and not too sweet, just the way I like it!" Since Trader Joe's Vegan Banana Bread is new, it's likely not available at all stores nationwide, so be sure to check and stock up if you can.