Trader Joe's Is Now Selling Not One, but 2 Different Oat Milks

Get ready for dairy-free lattes! Trader Joe's must've heard our pleas and prayers, because the grocery store is now selling its own version of oat milk. According to Instagram user bethanybuysthings, you can find both a refrigerated and a shelf-stable Non-Dairy Oat Beverage on shelves now. My morning smoothie is so ready!

Now, it's time to break down the nutrition facts: a cup of the shelf-stable beverage ($2) is a single serving and has 110 calories, and that's not the only thing worth celebrating. It also only has two ingredients: water and hydrolyzed oats. Wow.

If the refrigerated alternative milk ($4) is more your speed, its one-cup serving has 90 calories. There are added vitamins and sugars, but bethanybuysthings explained it tastes similar to the popular oat milks in stores now. Get ready, get set, get yourself to a Trader Joe's ASAP before these fly off the shelves!