Burn Major Calories With This DIY Gym Workout

Master this killer workout from Self, no trainer required!

Cheryl Carlin

"I'm not the kind of trainer who can show up to the gym and kick my own butt on the fly—I need a plan," says Claire Gould, Fit Xpert at BFX Studio in New York. It's a common summer struggle: When it's too hot outside to run, you head indoors to your favorite gym for a quick sweat session. But as soon as you walk inside, you feel a little overwhelmed with the rows of complicated-looking machines and endless toning tools. That's why we asked Gould to create a plan of attack for the gym. "This efficient, effective circuit workout is perfect," she says. It targets your entire body using equipment found at most gyms. Let's get started:

The Workout: Do each exercise for 45 seconds, completing as many reps as possible. Repeat the circuit for a total of 3­5 times.


Cheryl Carlin

Start with the TRX bands anchored (most gyms already have this set up for clients). Face bands and stand with feet together. Hold handles and extend arms; palms facing in. Walk back three to four feet and lean back to create resistance (the steeper the angle the harder the exercise). Roll shoulders down and back; squeeze shoulder blades together and pull torso to meet handles. Slowly release to complete 1 rep.

Assisted Pull-­Up

Cheryl Carlin

Grab the bar of an assisted pull­up machine with palms facing each other. Hang with straight arms, knees bent. Squeeze shoulder blades together and pull chest toward bar. Pause, then slowly lower back to start to complete 1 rep. Note: If you're able to do an unassisted pull­ups, go for it! Otherwise this is a great modification to help build upper body strength.

Cable Rotation

Cheryl Carlin

Stand facing machine with cable on right side. Grab one handle with both palms and lower hands next to right hip, rotating torso to right. Glide hands on a diagonal, across torso and up over left shoulder, rotating torso to left. Slowly reverse movement to complete 1 rep. Halfway through your allowed time, switch sides.

*Note: Gould is demonstrating the exercise on the Technogym Kinesis equipment.

You can use any cable machine at your gym (or even an anchored resistance band to complete this move).

TRX Squat Jump With Taps

Cheryl Carlin

Start with the TRX bands anchored (most gyms already have this set up for clients). Face bands and stand with feet hip­width apart. Hold handles and extend arms; palms facing in. Continue to hold handles, hinge at hips and bend knees to squat. Jump up and tap heels together in air. Land and immediately lower into next rep.

Medicine Ball Plank With Alternating Knee Pull

Cheryl Carlin

Start in a high plank position with hands on top of a medicine ball. Keep abs tights and move feet slightly wider than hip distance. Slowly pull right knee in, under torso. Return right foot to plank and repeat on the opposite side to complete 1 rep.

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