These Are the Helpful Fitness Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Fitness enthusiasts, workout warriors, and professional athletes alike: we all put on sports attire to train. We grab our yoga pants, pull on our sports bras, find the perfect tank, and lace up our running shoes. Finally, your phone gets the gear it needs, too. The Under Armour Protect Series is a full suite of iPhone and smartphone cases and action mounts engineered to keep you connected, whether you're Snapchatting a fierce spin class, sweating while shaping up, or living your best life in general. Gone are the days when we worry about breaking our phones while breaking a sweat. Each accessory within the Under Armour ecosystem is built tough with durable sweat- and drop-resistant materials that keep you focused on pushing your limits so you can exercise longer, farther, and sweatier. Exclusively available at Verizon, the Under Armour Protect Series is the only case and mount collection built for the athlete and up to the challenge of the toughest workouts.

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